CVA as Subconsultant for the project, which involved the Reconstruction of the Toll Barrier to provide high-speed E-Z Pass at mile point 45.03 in the Town of Woodbury, NY.

Additionally, the project included construction of an employee pedestrian bridge from the toll utility building to the island of Lane 11 including a fold-down platform lift for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility; partial replacement of the Arden House Road bridge which included replacement of the median pier, elimination of the east shoulder pier, replacement of the east abutment and superstructure of the two east spans including increasing the vertical clearance over the northbound lanes; installation of an E-Z Pass equipment support structure (overhead gantries with catwalks to access equipment with stair access); installation of two precast E-Z Pass equipment sheds at the barrier; installation of stairs to access the Variable Message Sign (VMS) and construction of a maintenance vehicle parking area for the Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) at MP 49.88; modification of the Route 6 bridge scupper downspouts over the northbound mainline; repairs to the toll lanes to remain at the Woodbury toll plaza including drainage, treadles and attenuators; repairs to the Harriman toll plaza pavement and toll lanes including drainage, treadles and attenuators; and installation of backup power supply and supplemental power via solar panels at the Woodbury toll utility building.
The project was completed on time and within budget.