CVA as Subconsultant is provided one Senior Construction Inspector, NICET III for this Pavement Resurfacing with full depth repairs, Safety Improvements and Flood Mitigation Project. This project also called for Concrete Repair of Exit 15 and 15A ramps, and Bridge Rehabilitation of I-87 Bridges over Route 17/Railroad/Ramapo River in NYSTA’s New York Division.

CVA’s construction inspection team was responsible for detailed inspection to include: review of shop drawings, plan and material inspection for the work being performed by the Contractor that included: unclassified excavation and disposal, cold milling of asphalt pavement, limited sub-base removal/replacement, performing limited full depth and joint pavement repairs as needed, asphalt pavement resurfacing, improvements to culverts and drainage structures, limited clearing and grubbing, removal and installation of guide rail, slope flattening, concrete pavement restoration with precast concrete panel replacements and shoulder reconstruction when required to Exit 15 and 15A ramps; Strip, Repair, Seal Overlay (SROS) of bridge decks, substructure and steel repairs, bearing work, and bridge painting of Bridges at MP 31.78 and 31.79. The majority of this work was done at night, and required using overnight lane closures due to daytime traffic volumes.