CVA as Prime Consultant provided one Resident Engineer / Office Engineer  / Inspector for this project.

The project was located along Washburn Lane in the Town of Stony Point, approximately 400 feet east of the Thiells Road Intersection. In this area, the roadway is supported along the south side by a dry laid stone retaining wall of approximately 330 feet in length. The wall height varies from about 2’ to 20’. A mortared stone parapet runs along the top of the wall. A section of the existing wall had collapsed causing the south half of the roadway to fail. The objective of the project was to replace the existing retaining wall and reconstruct the section of Washburn Lane that failed.

The work included:
1. Construction of a new retaining wall to replace the existing 330’ long structure.
2. Upgraded the existing drainage system as required to convey storm drainage from the project area to an adequate drainage outlet by gravity flow. Slump testing was done.
3. Reconstruction of the roadway of Washburn Lane in the area of the new wall, including minor improvements to the roadway profile.

Our Office Engineer coordinated between the client and the Contractor; Ensured that the Contractor followed project specifications and complied with agency regulations; Reviewed Contractor’s payment requests and processed for payment. The project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.